Best Diagnostic Centers in Halishahar

Like all other busy cities in Chittagong, Halishahar is one which is the busiest place. There are all kinds of benefits that a citizen of a country needs to get. Such as – Health Care, Diagnostic Centers, Schools, Colleges, Parks, Tourist Places etc. “Halishahar” is not a new city and there are many important places here.

However, in today’s article, we will discuss  diagnostic centers located in Halishahar.  The best Diagnostic Centers in Halishahar are:

  1. Qrex Diagnostic And Consultation Center ltd.
  2. Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd
  3. Qmax Health Care
  4. Shahjalal Diagnostic Clinic. 
  5. Life Line Diagnostic Center 

1. Qrex Diagnostic And Consultation Center ltd
Qrex Diagnostic And Consultation Center ltd is one of the best diagnostic centers in Chittagong. Established on 15 December 2011, “Qrex Diagnostic And Consultation Center ltd” is now successfully serving patients in 2 of its units which are in Halishahar and EPZ.  Their aim is to provide satisfactory service in the health care sector and all the medical facilities are available at affordable prices.

Address: Plot #9/A, Road #1, Block- G, Halishahar H/E, Chattogram

Mobile: +8801828880299, +8801828880299, +88031717090 & +8801882534499 (unit 2)


2. Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd
Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd is one of the best known and popular diagnostic centers in Chittagong. It is a private and an old diagnostic center in Chattogram (Chittagong) City. They have a total of nine branches in the city.  Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd offers the service in the field of Pathology and Radiology & Imaging. In Pathology they offer Molecular Pathology, Histopathology, Hematology, Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry, Diagnostic Immunology and in Radiology & Imaging, they offer CT scans & MRI.

Address: 993/2121 Agrabad Access Road Boropool Moor 4100 Chittagong, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

Facebook :
Mobile: 01755 666969, 01713 487903, 0241355691 & 02 41355692

3. Qmax Health Care
The Services that Qmax Health Care offers are Microbiology, Biochemistry, Serology, Hematology, Nebuliser, Dental X-ray, Histopathology, Portable ECG, 12 channel ECG, Digital Mammography,  Hormonal/ immunology, Clinical Pathology, etc.

Address: Naya Bazar. Port Connecting Road. Pahartali. Chittagong. Naya Bazar, North side of Bishwa Road junction Pahartali, Chattogram, 4619 Chittagong.
Mobile:01844-109955, 031 728070


4. Shahjalal Diagnostic Clinic:
There is another renowned diagnostic center named Shahjalal Diagnostic Clinic.
Address: 143, Sheikh Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong
Email :
Mobile: 031-711679, 01842508851, 01842-508851


5. LifeLine Diagnostic Center
The services that LifeLine Diagnostic Center offers are – Pathology, Digital X-ray, E.C.G, Color Ultra, Echocardio, Hormone,Electrolytes,Histopathology,Biochemistry,HB A1C, Endoscopy etc. 

Address: Halishahar, Chittagong.
Mobile: 01763-471454


This article is written from our perspective. If you have a different opinion or if you have had a good experience for which you think it’s the best then you can let us know in the comment box and we will update the article after the verification.