Best Hematologist in Chittagong

Best Hematologist in Chittagong :

A doctor or specialist who studies blood issues and treats such patients is known as a “Hematologist”. We are not very much familiar with the term “Hematologist”. But, we need to know which doctor to see for which illness.

For example, there is no benefit in showing a nephrologist for our hair problems because the skin doctor gives medical advice for hair problems. If there is any blood-related problem, one must see a hematologist.

In addition to blood-related problems, a hematologist is trained in other areas such as bone marrow and lymphatic system and the hematologist who practices in the lab is known as “Hematopathologist”. 

Dr Samira Toufique Reshma is one of the best hematologists in Chittagong. After completing her MBBS she took the degree FCPS. Dr Samira is now Assistant Professor at Chattogram Ma O Shishu General Hospital in the Hematology department. Here is some of the information about her:


 Dr Samira Toufique Reshma

MBBS, FCPS (Hematology)

Assistant Professor At Agrabad Ma O Shishu Hospital at Hematology Department. 

For Serial Number Please Contact: 01828880299, 02333317090

Time: 1 pm – 2.30 pm ( Closed on  Friday) 

In Qrex Diagnostic and Consultation Center, services are provided daily from 8 am to 10 pm. 


For any information please visit the site :

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