Best Orthodontist in Chittagong 2023

I know the word “Orthodontist” is a new word to many who read this article. The reason is that we hear the word dentist but we do not hear the word orthodontist. In fact, there are different types of dentists, one of which is “Orthodontist”.

The other different types of dentists are – General Dentist, or Pediatric Dentist, Periodontists, and Endodontists. Oral Pathologist or Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist.
Now, the question is normal, who are the orthodontists? And what are the differences between a Dentist and an Orthodontist?

There are many people from childhood whose teeth become crooked. Because of their crooked teeth, they have to face many difficulties in social life. Those who treat these crooked teeth are called Orthodontists.
Orthodontists treat crooked teeth in a different number of ways. For example, doctors give treatment with braces but when wearing braces does not solve the problem, then they need both braces and surgery.

This decision is made by orthodontists who need braces or who need both. This treatment is time-consuming and expensive and involves staying on the braces for a long time. However, the doctor can tell exactly how much this treatment can cost after performing a clinical examination and X-ray analysis.

The number of orthodontists in Chittagong is very low. However, We are mentioning here the best orthodontist in Chittagong.

  1. Dr. Kamrul Hasan
  2. Dr. Nabil Rhaman
  3. Dr. Shahiqul Jabbar
  • Best Orthodontist in Chittagong – Dr Kamrul Hasan 

Dr. Kamrul Hasan is one of the best Orthodontists in Chittagong and he is a highly passionate dentist with 12 years of extensive experience in this field. He completed his BDS degree (Gold Medalist) from Chittagong Medical College. After that, he studied Orthodontics for 5-6 years and obtained an FCPS degree.

He is one of the reliable physicians for the treatment of orthodontics and has the ability to provide all the types of restorative, cosmetic endodontic, prosthodontic and orthodontic treatment to patients who have conditions with their teeth and gums.

Let’s find out more about Dr. Kamrul Hasan

  • Associate Professor Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan
  • FCPS (Orthodontics), FWFO (USA),
  • C.Ortho (Europe), CDG Ortho (Taiwan),
  • C. Eleanor Ortho (Taiwan), CGCP (National Institute of Health – America), CICH GCP
  • (Australia), CMED (Bardem, Dhaka),
  • BDS (Gold Medalist – Chittagong Medical College).
  • Higher Training (All India Institute of Medical Sciences – AIIMS – Delhi, and University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Member, American Association of Orthodontists

He is currently working in the Dental Unit at Chittagong Ma o Shishu Hospital Medical College as Associate Professor and Head of Department and he also regularly provides treatment to his patients at Qrex Diagnostic & Consultation Centre,

Contact: 018 28880299
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  • Dr. Nabil Rhaman

Dr Nabil Rahman is a Doctor (Orthodontic) and he has chambers both in Dhaka and Chattogram. After completing his undergraduate degree he got training in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.

  • Shahiqul Jabbar

Another renowned orthodontist is Shahiqul Jabbar. Now he is working at Chittagong International Dental College as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthodontics.

This article is written from our perspective. If you have a different opinion or if you have had a good experience with a doctor for whom you think he is the best then you can let us know in the comment box.