Dr Rasheda Begum – Diabetes & Child Specialist

Dr Rasheda Begum 
Newborn, Child Diseases and Diabetes Specialist

Dr Rasheda Begum is a distinguished Child Specialist based in Chittagong with a notable background encompassing MBBS, CCD (BIRDEM), and DCH (CU) qualifications. As a dedicated Consultant in the Pediatrics Department at Chittagong Diabetic General Hospital, she brings expertise and compassion to her young patients. Dr Begum extends her healing touch further by offering her services at Qrex Diagnostic & Consultation Centre, Chittagong. While her precise visiting hours remain unspecified, her commitment to enhancing children’s health and well-being shines through, urging families to connect for personalized care and guidance.

Dr Rasheda Begum Chamber at Qrex

Dr. Rasheda Begum, a distinguished Child Diseases and Diabetes Specialist with extensive qualifications including MBBS, CCD (BIRDEM), and DCH (CU), extends her compassionate expertise to Chittagong’s Qrex Diagnostic & Consultation Centre. As a beacon of hope for families, her presence at Qrex offers a sanctuary of comprehensive care for newborns and children. With visiting hours tailored to accommodate patients’ needs, Dr. Begum’s affiliation with this esteemed center ensures that her empathetic touch and unwavering commitment to pediatric well-being continue to thrive, fostering an environment of trust and healing.

A Healing Journey
Dr Rasheda Begum journey in the medical field began with a strong academic foundation. She earned her MBBS degree and specialized training in Child Diseases at BIRDEM and DCH from CU. These qualifications are a testament to her dedication to honing her skills and staying updated with the latest advancements in pediatric care. With each step of her journey, Dr Begum has amassed knowledge and expertise that now serve as pillars of her practice.

Dr Rasheda Begum Comprehensive Care
At the heart of Dr Rasheda Begum’s practice lies her commitment to providing comprehensive care to her young patients. Her specialization in Child Diseases and Diabetes equips her with a unique perspective on managing children’s health challenges. Whether it’s a newborn seeking nurturing care or a child dealing with diabetes, Dr Begum’s expertise covers a wide spectrum of medical needs. Her approach involves treating the physical symptoms and addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of a child’s well-being.

Dr Rasheda Begum in Diabetic General Hospital
As a Consultant in the Department of Pediatrics at Chittagong Diabetic General Hospital, Dr Rasheda Begum is pivotal in the hospital’s commitment to offering holistic healthcare solutions. Her affiliation with this esteemed institution is a testament to her reputation as a trusted medical professional. Patients and their families find solace in knowing that their children are under the care of an experienced and empathetic specialist.

A Compassionate Touch
Beyond her impressive qualifications and professional accolades, what truly sets Dr Rasheda Begum apart is her compassionate approach. Every interaction, every diagnosis, and every treatment plan is imbued with empathy and understanding. She recognizes that children are not just small patients but precious lives deserving of the utmost care and attention. Her genuine concern for each child’s well-being creates an environment of trust and comfort.

Dr Rasheda Begum journey from a dedicated medical student to a respected Child Diseases and Diabetes Specialist is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the health and happiness of children in Chittagong. Her qualifications, affiliation with Chittagong Diabetic General Hospital, and practice at Qrex Diagnostic & Consultation Centre highlight her holistic approach to pediatric care. With Dr Begum by their side, parents can rest assured that their children are in the hands of a skilled and compassionate healer, nurturing health and hope every step of the way.