Dr. Saief Uddin Sohag

MBBS, BCS(Health)
D-Card (BSMMU)
Heart and Rheumatic Specialist
Chittagong Medical College Hospital

Regarding comprehensive care for rheumatic and cardiac health, Dr. Saief Uddin Sohag is a prominent figure in Chittagong. With a distinguished background, an MBBS and BCS(Health) degree, and a specialization in D-Card from BSMMU, Dr. Saief Uddin is a Heart and Rheumatic Specialist affiliated with Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

Best Rheumatologist in Chittagong

As the go-to Rheumatologist in Chittagong, Dr. Saief Uddin specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing various conditions, including osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain, tendinitis, and lupus. His expertise extends beyond rheumatology, encompassing cardiac care with a focus on chest pain, palpitations, heart attack, heart failure, and rheumatic fever diagnosis. Dr. Saief Uddin addresses cardiovascular concerns such as shortness of breath, hypertension, irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), and the treatment of congenital heart disease. His diagnostic capabilities include advanced cardiac tests like Echo, Ett, and Holter Monitoring. Also Dr. Saief Uddin Sohag is the best rheumatologist in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Comprehensive Approach to Rheumatic and Cardiac Health: As a rheumatologist, Dr. Saief Uddin recognizes the crucial connection between heart treatment and specific rheumatic conditions, particularly in cases of rheumatic heart disease. With a commitment to addressing over 100 forms of rheumatic diseases, ranging from prevalent inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis to impactful ailments such as gout, Dr. Saief Uddin emphasizes collaboration between rheumatologists and cardiologists. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive management strategy for both the underlying rheumatic condition and associated cardiac complications.

Dr. Saief Uddin Chamber at Qrex

Patients seeking top-notch rheumatologic and cardiac care can schedule an appointment with Dr. Saief Uddin at his chamber at Qrex diagnostic centers in Barpool, Halishahar H/A, Chittagong. For appoinment, call 01828-880299. Dr. Saief Uddin’s chamber operates Tuesdays and Fridays from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Especially in rheumatic heart disease, heart treatment is intricately linked to rheumatic conditions, where diseases can induce heart inflammation and damage. Rheumatic fever acts as a precursor to RHD. As a rheumatologist, I navigate the diagnosis and treatment of over 100 rheumatic diseases, from prevalent inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis to impactful ailments such as gout. Collaboration between rheumatologists and cardiologists is crucial, especially as untreated rheumatic fever can lead to valvular heart disease. Our comprehensive approach involves medications to address inflammation, prevent rheumatic fever episodes, and potential surgical interventions. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the quality of life, addressing both musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health. Regular monitoring is vital in mitigating the impact on heart health and overall well-being.

In conclusion, Dr. Saief Uddin Sohag’s expertise as a Rheumatologist and Heart Specialist, coupled with his commitment to collaborative care, positions him as the best choice for individuals in Chittagong seeking optimal health outcomes for their musculoskeletal and cardiovascular well-being.