Dr. Shoaib Hossain is an ENT Specialist

Dr. Md. Shoaib Hossain
ENT Specialist & Surgeon
MBBS DLO (BSMMU) Consultant Otorhinolaryngologic
Assistant Professor at ENT Marine City Medical College
Chamber at Qrex Diagnostic Centre, Chittagong

Dr Shoaib Hossain

Dr. Md Shoaib Hossain is a diligent professional dedicated to the enhancement of auditory health and overall well-being in Chittagong. As an accomplished ENT Specialist & Surgeon, Dr. Shoaib Hossain’s credentials, expertise, and commitment to patient care have earned him a significant place in the medical community. Let’s delve into the exceptional care he offers at the Qrex Diagnostic Centre.

Dr Md Shoaib Hossain chamber at Qrex
Experience expert ENT care under the dedicated guidance of Dr. Md Shoaib Hossain at Qrex Diagnostic Centre, Chittagong. As an Assistant Professor at Marine City Medical College and Consultant Otorhinolaryngologic, Dr. Hossain offers compassionate consultations and surgical expertise. Two convenient unit options and appointment numbers (01828880299 for Unit 1 and 01882534499 for Unit 2) ensure seamless access to his specialized care. Located in Halishahar and EPZ, Chittagong, his chambers provide a haven for those seeking comprehensive ear, nose, and throat healthcare solutions.

Best Ent Surgeon in Chittagong
As a leading ENT surgeon in Chittagong, Dr. Md Shoaib Hossain stands out for his expertise. Serving at Qrex Diagnostic Centre, Chittagong, and as an Assistant Professor at Marine City Medical College, his compassionate care and surgical skills make him the top choice for comprehensive ear, nose, and throat solutions. With dual unit options and convenient appointment numbers, Dr. Hossain’s commitment to patients’ well-being solidifies his reputation as the best in his field.

Navigating a World of Expertise
Dr. Shoaib Hossain’s expertise extends beyond his impressive qualifications. As an ENT Specialist & Surgeon, he deeply understands various conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat. His affiliation with Marine City Medical College & Hospital speaks to his dedication to advancing his field and imparting knowledge to future medical professionals.

Compassionate Care, Unparalleled Expertise
Patients in Chittagong have found a trustworthy partner in Dr. Md Shoaib Hossain for their ENT needs. His commitment to daily patient care and proficiency in addressing a spectrum of auditory and related health concerns underscores his status as a go-to specialist in the region. While his practice hours at Qrex Diagnostic Centre are currently undisclosed, a simple call will provide much-needed information to those eager to benefit from his expertise.

In auditory well-being and ENT care, Dr. Md Shoaib Hossain is a testament to the power of expertise, compassion, and dedicated medical practice. With his unwavering commitment to his patient’s well-being, he continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of those he serves, one consultation at a time.