Dr. Ziaur Rahman Bhuiyan

MBBS (CMC), BCS (Health)
MCPS, FCPS (Dermatology)
Skin & Sexual Diseases Specialist
Assistant Professor, Dermatology
Cox’s Bazar Medical College Hospital

In medical expertise, dermatology stands as a beacon of care and confidence for those seeking solutions to skin and sexual health concerns. Dr Ziaur Rahman Bhuiyan emerges as a distinguished specialist at the forefront of this arena, renowned for his holistic approach and extensive qualifications.

Dr Ziaur Rahman Bhuiyan Chamber 
At Qrex Diagnostic Center, Dr Ziaur Rahman Bhuiyan practices skin and VD medicine. With profoundly committed to dermatological excellence, Dr Bhuiyan offers specialized care for various skin concerns. Located at Plot 9/A, Road O1, Lane 02, Block-G, Halishahar, Chittagong, his chamber provides a haven for individuals seeking tailored solutions for skin and sexual diseases. Dr Bhuiyan’s extensive qualifications, including MCPS and FCPS in Dermatology, testify to his prowess in the field. His expertise spans a diverse range from addressing conditions like ACNE, Psoriasis, and Vitiligo to offering solutions for benign tumours and skin cancer. Appointments can be scheduled at 01828880299.

Best Dermatology Specialist
Beyond patient care, Dr Bhuiyan is vital in shaping the next generation of dermatologists. As an Assistant Professor at Cox’s Bazar Medical College & Hospital, he imparts his knowledge, ensuring the continuity of dermatological excellence for years to come.

Dr Bhuiyan’s academic journey reflects his dedication to excellence. He completed his MBBS from Chattogram Medical College in 2002, followed by MCPS in 2009 and FCPS in 2011 from the esteemed Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons (BCPS), Dhaka. As a 24th (BCS Health Card) officer, he serves as an Assistant Professor in the Dermatology Department at Cox’s Bazar Medical College Hospital.

Dr Bhuiyan’s expertise spans diverse skin and sexual health concerns. His specialization areas encompass Acne, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Benign Tumors, Fungal Infections, Hair Diseases, Skin Cancer, and more. With a focus on medical and aesthetic aspects, he becomes a go-to authority for those seeking comprehensive solutions to their dermatological needs.

What sets Dr Ziaur Rahman Bhuiyan apart is his impressive qualifications and commitment to patient-centric care. His approach combines years of experience, extensive research, and a deep understanding of the intricate connection between skin health and overall well-being. Whether it’s managing common issues like Acne or addressing complex matters like Skin Cancer, his proficiency extends to a range of conditions.

Patients find solace in Dr Bhuiyan’s specialized approach, which targets the symptoms and addresses underlying causes. This comprehensive methodology ensures that individuals receive tailored treatment plans that align with their unique needs and concerns.

For those seeking consultation and care from Dr Ziaur Rahman Bhuiyan, his presence at Cox’s Bazar Medical College & Hospital becomes a beacon of hope. Committed to elevating dermatological health and sexual well-being, his expertise transforms lives, fostering confidence and wellness among his patients.

Dr Ziaur Rahman Bhuiyan journey through academic excellence, his impactful role as an Assistant Professor, and his specialization in dermatology underscore his significance in the medical field. His commitment to patient well-being and extensive knowledge position him as a leading expert in skin and sexual health. Those seeking a trustworthy partner in their journey towards healthier skin and enhanced well-being can confidently turn to Dr Bhuiyan for expert care and compassionate guidance.