Best Diagnostic Center in EPZ Chittagong

Chittagong is a city with modern facilities. There are many diagnostic centers in the city, both large and small, which are successfully providing medical services to the patients. One of them is the “ Qrex Diagnostic and Consultation Center”. It is one of the best diagnostic centers in the EPZ Chittagong district. They have another branch which is situated at the Halishahar (Unit-1). 2 units are providing services to the patients.

Adress : 

Unit -2 

Seamen’s Hostel Gate, Salt Gola Crossing, EPZ, Chattogram


Phone : 031-740134

Mobile: 01882534499

Doctor’s List at EPZ Branch : 

  1. Dr Farah Mabood Silvi (Gynecologist and Surgeon)
  2. Dr MD. Tanvir Rahman (Urology and Surgery Specialist)
  3. Dr MD. Arman (Arthritis pain, paralysis and sports injuries)
  4. Dr Taslim Uddin ( (Experienced in Medicine and Diabetes)
  5. Dr Sheuly Chakma ( Gynecologist and Surgeon)
  6. Dr A.K.M. Mashiyat Ullah (Experienced in Medicine and Chest Diseases)
  7. Dr Kollol Barua ( Experienced in diabetes and heart disease) 
  8. Dr MD. Khaled Abdullah ( Experienced in skin and sexually transmitted diseases)
  9. Dr MD. Mamun Chowdhury (Experienced in Medicine and Chest Diseases)
  10. Dr MD. Shuaib Hossain ( Nose, Ear, Throat Specialist and Surgeon )
  11. Dr MD. Jahangir Kabir (Pediatrician) 
  12. Dr Bushra Al Mubasshera (Orthopedic surgery) 

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