Monkeypox and How Dangerous Is It !

The word “Monkeypox” has been rotating on social media and news platforms recently. Generally believed to be a viral disease, it has resurfaced and has been detected in various countries across the globe in the last few days.

So, what is the Monkeypox and how dangerous is it exactly? Today we will take a look at the current situation of this viral disease and the ways it can spread among the population.

According to certain sources, it has been first spotted in a few African countries last month and as the situation stands, more patients have been detected across 20 nations of the world. Health officials of Massachusetts have reported certain cases of Monkeypox even in the US.

What is Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a viral disease related to the same category as smallpox. The first outbreak of this disease was recorded in 1958 among a colony of monkeys which were kept for scientific research purposes. In 1970, the first case of Monkeypox was detected among humans and since then monkeypox cases have been recorded outside of Africa a total of 6 times.

The spread of this disease takes place through inhalation of respiratory droplets from one infected person to another. Monkeypox can also spread by the contact of body fluids from person to person.

What are the Symptoms of Monkeypox

The Major Symptoms of Monkeypox include:

* Headache
* Fever
* Backache
* Muscle ache
* Exhaustion
* Chills
* Swollen lymph nodes

Generally, the infected person develops a rash quite similar to that of smallpox that often appears on the face and then spread all over the body. The rashes start appearing between one to three days after experiencing the fever.

Is It Dangerous?

Monkeypox is surely a viral disease and is contagious. However, it is not similar to that of the Covid-19 virus and is not as infectious. The fatality rate of this viral disease is at 1% currently and is mainly sexually transmitted. The incubation period for a patient infected by monkeypox is deemed between 3 to 17 days and the recovery time ranges between two to four weeks in general.

Has Monkeypox been detected in Bangladesh?

No, as of yet, Monkeypox cases have not been recorded in Bangladesh. However, since it is an infectious disease, it is important to monitor tourists and emigrants returning to the country to make sure that the disease does not spread among our population.

Does Monkeypox have a Cure?

As of today, there are no tried and tested cures for the Monkeypox disease. But the smallpox vaccine is applied to prevent an outbreak of the disease among people. It is also important to maintain hygiene and be careful of an individual who seems to show symptoms of the disease. If you or anyone you know happens to experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, do not delay consulting your nearest doctor or healthcare center.


It  has put the world on alarm as it is a viral infectious disease. Marinating the covid-19 prevention health protocols is deemed effective to prevent the spread of this virus today. Let us know your thoughts on the current situation of Monkeypox in the comments.