Dr. Md. Altaf Uddin Khan

Eye Specialist & Surgeon
Lions Charitable Eye Hospital, Chittagong

In Chittagong, a dedicated Eye Specialist and Surgeon is making a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals through his unwavering commitment to eye care. Meet Dr. Md. Altaf Uddin Khan, a highly qualified specialist with an MBBS and MS (EYE). Dr. Khan is an invaluable asset to the Lions Charitable Eye Hospital in Chittagong, where he brings his expertise to the forefront. His practice extends to the Qrex, providing accessibility and convenience to those seeking specialized eye care.

Dr Md. Altaf Uddin Khan Chamber

Qrex is the eye care hub of Chittagong city. Dr Md. Altaf Uddin Khan, an esteemed Eye Specialist and Surgeon opens his doors here to cater to the eye health needs of the community. Chamber at Plot 9/A, Road 1, Lane 2, Block G, Halishahar, Chattogram; this well-appointed chamber provides a convenient and accessible avenue for individuals seeking Dr. Khan’s expertise. With visiting hours from 6 pm to 9 pm, Sunday through Thursday, you can be assured of receiving top-tier eye care, encompassing diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate attention. For those pursuing improved vision and eye health, Dr. Md. Altaf Uddin Khan’s chamber is a trusted destination where expertise meets accessibility for the well-being of all. Appointments can be scheduled at 01828880299.

A Beacon of Expertise in Eye Care
Dr Md. Altaf Uddin Khan’s credentials speak volumes about his dedication to the field of eye care. With an MBBS degree and a Master’s in Ophthalmology (MS EYE), he has acquired extensive knowledge and honed his surgical skills to perfection. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of eye-related issues, making him a sought-after specialist in the region.

Compassionate Care at Lions Eye Hospital
As a dedicated Eye Specialist and Surgeon, Dr. Khan is pivotal at Chittagong’s Lions Charitable Eye Hospital. Here, he extends his expert care to needy patients, helping them overcome various eye conditions and regain their vision. His compassionate approach ensures that each patient receives the attention and treatment they deserve, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Changing Lives, One Patient at a Time
Dr. Khan’s dedication to eye care extends beyond his qualifications and his genuine desire to change lives. Whether addressing common vision issues or performing complex eye surgeries, he approaches each case with the same level of commitment and care. His patients, ranging from children to adults, benefit from his expert diagnosis, treatment, and surgical skills.

Eye specialist in Chittagong

An ophthalmologist, also known as an eye specialist, is a highly trained medical professional dedicated to the care of eyes and vision. On this page, you’ll discover and have the opportunity to select the finest eye specialist doctors in Chittagong, complete with their chamber details and contact numbers for your convenience.

Dr. M. A. Karim

MBBS, DCO (Ophthalmology), PhD, Fellow (Glaucoma)
Glaucoma Specialist & Phaco Surgeon
Consultant (Glaucoma)
Chevron Eye Hospital, Chittagong
Appointment: +8801786554976

Dr. M. A. Wahed

MBBS, DCO, Fellowship in Glaucoma (LVPEI) India
Ophthalmologist & Glaucoma Specialist
Consultant (Ophthalmology)
Lions Eye Hospital, Chittagong
Appointment: +880241355934

Dr. Utpal Sen

Pediatric Ophthalmologist (Child Eye Diseases Specialist) & Phaco Surgeon
Registrar (Ophthalmology)
National Institute of Ophthalmology & Hospital
Appointment: +8801839392525

If you are looking for expert eye care in Chittagong, Dr. Md. Altaf Uddin Khan chamber at Qrex is the place to go. Dr. Altaf Uddin Khan is well-equipped to address various eye-related concerns. His compassionate care at Lions Eye Hospital is a testament to his dedication, where he helps patients overcome various eye conditions and regain their vision. Dr. Khan’s expertise extends to changing lives, one patient at a time, driven by a genuine desire to help others.