Qrex Diagnostic Centre Services List

Qrex is a Diagnostic and Consultation Center with two units in Chittagong and it is administered by experienced and expert doctors. There are doctors here who have come from outside the country with various degrees and are serving patients in the country with a reputation.

Here is the List of Services at Qrex Diagnostic and Consultation Center : 

  1. Medical Services by Specialists (Doctors) 
  2. All types of endoscopy
  3. 4D Color Ultrasonography
  4. 500 MA Digital X-Ray 
  5. 12 Channel Digital ECG
  6. Anomaly Scan Ultrasonography
  7. Haematology and Bone Marrow tests
  8. Home Collection Service
  9. Dental X-Ray
  10. Color Echocardiography
  11. Microbiology
  12. Portable ECG
  13. Simeon Analysis
  14. Cosmetic Circumcision
  15. Color Dopler 
  16. Ultrasonograms are done on female patients by experienced female doctors
  17. Pathology
  18. Histopathology
  19. Serology
  20. Biochemistry
  21. Electrolytes
  22. Physiotherapy
  23. Minor Surgery
  24. Hormonal assay