PRP Hair Treatment

A game-changing solution for healthier, more luscious locks is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. This revolutionary treatment involves harnessing the power of your body’s platelets and plasma to stimulate hair regrowth. While PRP therapy is gaining traction worldwide, let’s dive into the specifics of PRP hair treatment in Bangladesh and explore the benefits it offers.

PRP Hair Treatment in Bangladesh

Over the years, PRP therapy has gained popularity in Bangladesh, especially in Chittagong. This non-surgical technique has proven highly effective in combating hair loss, thinning hair, and pattern baldness. By extending the hair growth phase, reducing hair fall, and promoting natural hair regrowth, PRP therapy has become a sought-after solution.

How PRP Works Its Magic
Platelet-rich plasma is a treasure trove of nutrients that jumpstart the regeneration of cells in the targeted area within 1-3 months. This nutrient-rich plasma is packed with proteins that naturally enhance hair growth, effectively preventing hair loss. When conventional treatments fall short, PRP therapy comes to the rescue as an adjunct therapy.

PRP Therapy Procedure
PRP therapy is a gradual process, typically administered over two to three sessions spaced 2-6 weeks apart. Maintenance sessions every 2-6 months may be required to achieve the desired results. Patients can expect a visible reduction in hair fall after the initial sessions, with noticeable hair regrowth becoming evident after the fourth session.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

1.Natural Results: PRP therapy offers results that look and feel entirely natural, seamlessly blending with your existing hair.
2. Treats Hyperpigmentation: It effectively addresses hyperpigmentation issues, ensuring a uniform hair tone.
3. Total Rejuvenation: Beyond hair regrowth, PRP therapy rejuvenates the scalp, promoting overall hair health.
4. Quick Treatment: PRP therapy sessions are swift, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.
5. Lasting Hair Results: The effects of PRP therapy can be long-lasting, providing enduring hair health and volume.
6. Strengthens Existing Hair: PRP therapy fortifies existing hair, reducing thinning and enhancing hair strength.
7. Increases Hair Diameter: It increases the diameter of existing hair, making it appear thicker and healthier.
8. Halts Hair Fall: PRP therapy effectively curbs hair fall, offering a comprehensive solution for hair loss.

Q. Does PRP regrow hair?
Yes, it thickens and regrows hair, with peak results around three months.

Q. Is PRP permanent?
No, results last several weeks for joints and six months for scalps; additional injections may be needed.

Hair Treatment Cost Bangladesh

The cost of PRP treatment in Bangladesh can vary based on several factors, including the experience of the dermatologist, the quality of equipment used during the procedure, and the number of sessions required. For the best results, it’s essential to consult with experienced professionals who can provide tailored solutions.

At Qrex Diagnostic and Consultancy Center, we offer top-tier PRP treatment in Bangladesh. Our innovative approach combines PRP with a biotin premium growth factor, ensuring optimal results. Whether as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other treatments like laser procedures and micro-needling, PRP therapy is your path to healthier, fuller hair. Contact Qrex today to experience the best PRP treatment in Chittagong, Bangladesh, at competitive prices. Say goodbye to hair worries and hello to a fuller, more vibrant mane.